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  • Student Questionnaire

    These questions are to be answered by the student. (It's fine for the parent to type or enter the information for younger students, but the answers should come from them.)
  • Cottonwood ALC is an environment where students of every age are free to direct their own learning and activities, yet this freedom comes with responsibilities. I understand that I am expected to:

    1. Treat others with respect (whether student, volunteer, staff or parent),
    2. Behave appropriate for a shared space such that I don't interfere or disrupt others learning activities,
    3. Participate in making, honoring and enforcing rules and structures of the community
    4. Help solve conflicts when they arise.
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  • Parent Questionnaire

  • I understand that Cottonwood ALC provides a real-world learning environment for students to develop self-direction, self-motivation and self-knowledge and as such never requires students to attend specific classes or produce specific work. The school will support student's requests for learning, but does not direct learning activities according to a specific curriculum. The School Meeting may make certain activities mandatory for the smooth operation of the school, otherwise the choices are up to each child.
  • Cottonwood ALC is funded by tuition. The sliding scale is available for determining an equitable tuition rate.
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